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Mentorship Program Information

When thinking through my years as a veterinary student and as a new graduate two words often come to mind, busy and stressful. As a veterinary student I was constantly just working towards that end goal of graduating. I was not always mindful of what after graduation would really look like. Then as a new graduate, I was striving to prove I was capable, always working on confidence levels and trying to figure out who I could call, as I did not want to wear out the boss’s number. Our expectation as a student and new graduate is that we should know the answer, be amazing at time management and able to handle all types of situations. But the reality is that though we have been given the foundation for these things, putting them into practice is a new level of learning.

We share all this as we believe it is the foundation of why mentorship is valuable. Mentorship is a chance to have a relationship with another christian veterinarian who has gone through similar joys and struggles. This is a chance to learn how to be a veterinarian serving Christ. We know some may see it as another time commitment. But consider the time Jesus gave to the disciples before giving them authority to do His commanded work. Veterinarians are the best source of guidance and wisdom to those who are beginning in the profession.

But beyond the learning required as a veterinarian there is a God we all seek to serve. If as mentor and mentee we strive to hold accountable to our first serving God and second being a veterinarian, then are we able to navigate the complexities of our profession.

CVMC is offering mentorship by:

  • Connecting an experienced veterinarian with a student or recent graduate through answering a few questions.
  • Providing basic structure for meeting frequency.
    • We expect at minimum meeting once quarterly in person (distance will be considered) and monthly contact via email, phone or in person.
  • Following-up with both mentor and mentee to make sure you are connecting.
  • Providing suggested materials, discussions and topics.

We would like this to be rewarding experience that creates community amongst the christian veterinarians in Canada. Our desired outcomes are:

  • Strengthen each other’s relationship with Christ.
  • Prepare students for after graduation.
  • See recent graduates thrive in the start of their profession.
  • Keep each other Christ focused; as to help combat burnout, depression and compassion fatigue within the profession.
  • Build a connected Christian veterinary community within Canada.

Please join us in supporting each other in our faith and veterinary profession. 

Register  here to become a mentor or mentee!