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The mentorship program is a great way to get involved with CVM Canada.  As veterinarians we all carry wisdom that another veterinarian has passed along to us and we have all have had times when this wisdom has ‘saved’ us.  This is why we have chosen to offer a mentorship program.  This structured program gives opportunity for veterinary professionals to share and grow veterinary students and recent graduates in their walk with God. The demands while a student and recent graduate can be overwhelming and we want to see young professionals thrive not only in the profession but in their spiritual life as well. 

We would like this to be rewarding experience that creates community amoungst the christian veterinarians in Canada. Our desired outcomes are:

  • Strengthen each other’s relationship with Christ.
  • Prepare students for after graduation.
  • See recent graduates thrive in the start of their profession.
  • Keep each other Christ focused; as to help combat burnout, depression and compassion fatigue within the profession.
  • Build a connected Christian veterinary community within Canada.

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