Professional Fellowship

RLRI 2024
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God calls us to fellowship with one another and be accountable to one another. In our profession it is easy to become burdened with the demands of our job and burn out. Meeting together is an opportunity to find like minded professionals who can share in the joys of what we do and strengthen each other in the times of struggle.  It is also a time to open Gods word and look into how our faith and profession intertwine.

Real Life Real Impact

RLRI weekend retreats are an opportunity to connect with other veterinary professionals. Each year we gather in western or eastern Canada to listen and share as speakers talk about our faith, our profession and the joy and struggles we all experience. There is always time for prayer, activities and worship. Spouses and families are welcome to attend.

Professional Fellowship Groups

These are groups run by veterinary professionals Рeach group is unique and has the flexibility to meet the needs of those in your area. Canada is a vast country so we will do our best to help locate a group near you. If you are interested in starting a group we can help facilitate this as well. Contact us and we will get you connected.